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In Embroidery Logo Digitizing We Convert Your Logo Design Into Stitch Format To Produce Your Required Embroidery Machine File Format. 3D Puff  Is Also A Embroidery Logo Digitizing Process In Which We Convert Your Design In Specific Design Shap And Stitch Amount Added To This Logo Digitizing Process More Than Actually Embroidery Logo Digitizing Services.  By Filling The Form Get Online 3D Puff Logo Digitizing Or Simple Embroidery Logo Digitizing

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What Logo Digitizing For Embroidery? 3D Puff Logo Digitizing

In the process of logo digitising for embroidery we convert any of your embroidery logo, it can be company logo, artwork logo, image logo, vector logo, png logo, business logo, sport logo, small business logo so no matter what type of logo we convert into special stitch format to give the embroidery machine needle path

It will give a path to stitch in a specific way called logo digitizing for embroidery Because after digitizing your logo we convert this embroidery design into your required embroidery machine file format. So finally this the overall process for custom embroidery logo digitizing.

what is 3d puff embroidery?

What Is 3D Puff Embroidery Logo Digitizing

This is a 3-dimensional embroidery design look, In this process, we at digitizings convert your 3d embroidery design into a special stitch format which should be different than actual embroidery logo digitizing. So 3D Puff Logo Digitizing is a unique way to digitize embroidery logo because in this process we use more stitches than actual embroidery digitizing also we use an extra layer.

Once we have done 3d puff embroidery logo digitizing then we send the embroidery machine file to our customers who use this file to their embroidery machine and during the process of embroidery they use foam backend of their embroidery which is not used for normal embroidery. So this way 3d puff is different than another embroidery because it gives us 3 dimension look. 

What is Embroidery Logo Digitizing?

This is method in which we convert any image, logo, design , artwork into embroidery machine file by giving them needle path by using embroidery software, It called 3d puff embroidery logo digitizing.

what is embroidery logo digitizing?

What is 3D Puff Embroidery?

3D embroidery, also known as 3D puff embroidery an art. It’s the art of a digitizer who put the greatest effort to create striking designs. 3D puff embroidery differs from the simple designs. With 3D designs, there’s an added depth to the design.
In this post, we’ll discuss 3D embroidery for caps. We will also go over some techniques to improve your performance for the best result.

3D Puff Embroidery Designs

3D puff styles are costly when you need to design your own artwork. The cost can vary based on the amount, the material and design of embroidery you would like on your cap. Today the work is performed by using software on computers or embroidery machine. But, it is also possible to perform the task by hand. It’s worth the effort. However, it is entirely on the individual. What you want and what you’d like it.
3D puff embroidery can be an art form that requires as well as practice and. The more you participate with 3D puff embroidery, the more easy it will be to strengthen the areas you are weak in.

Over the last couple of years there has been an ever-growing need for 3D designs especially for caps. Being true to 3D techniques for embroidery will result in getting better results as well as reducing costs and times in manufacturing.

When you are able to master the art of 3D puff digitizing embroidery, you’ll outdo your competitors in other fields. We will be talking about the top 3D embroidery techniques that could assist you over the long term.

The machine to make embroidery is perhaps the only item that is of more importance than any other component.

Set Your Machine Speed Wisely

The ideal speed for the machine you are using for embroidery is important since it influences the quality of the designs that are embroidered. There are times when you will need to reduce the speed in accordance with your requirements. The maximum speed will differ for every machine. One way to test this is to run a few tests for different speeds, and then identify the best speed that will yield the most effective results.

Your Fabrics Matters A Lot

You should think about using slippery and prone 3D puff fabric. This is due to two reasons. One, 3D puff embroidery stitches have a density greater than regular designs. In addition when you work using rubber the surface gets less sensitive to vibrations inside the hoop.

Fabrics that are strong and sturdy like the ones used found in caps, are the most popular. The 3D effect of puff embroidery luxurious fabrics such as towels do not work. Their loft ruins the effect of 3D, and does not suit an appealing design.

Use The Correct Needle Thickness 

It is suggested to use needles with sharp edges when working using 3D models that are able to easily perforate through foam.

How to Choosing Your Foam For 3D Puff Embroidery Digitizing

The type of foam you choose depends heavily on the model’s height you’d like to use for your embroidery. The thicker the foam must be, the greater the model’s size will be. Foams that are dense are difficult for a machine to handle, but they can produce more acoustic designs. The greater the thickness of a foam the more likely it to interfere in the smooth running of the device. Therefore, it is not recommended to choose dense foams.

Creating Stops And Laying The Foam

It is possible to create a stop after the flat design has been completed. It is essential to understand the way to set up stops on your machine because it is something you’ll require a lot of throughout your career when you will be dealing in 3D puff embroidery. It is essential to ensure that your machine has enough stops when changing colours.

The foam can be stuck with tape or a stick spray over the fabric. This is intended to keep the fabric in place and stopping movement underneath.

Making The Outline In 3D Puff Logo Digitizing

After you have laid the foam, and then creating the stop, you’ll have to draw an outline prior to embroidering it with satin stitches. This outline helps to ensure that the area is not prone to be broken.

The setup becomes increasingly unstable because of the foam. This is why the foam gets stuck to the substrate. Stitching a sketch helps to counteract this inherent instability by showing the foam with the split.’

In 3D Puff Embroidery Remove The Excess Foam

Replace the foam that is left over after the template has been created. Use a heating source in the event that there are tiny bits of the puff hard to remove using the naked hand.

To take out the foam you can make use of a heat gun. Some puff bits could be stuck. Take them out using tweezers.

Doing Test Runs for 3D Puff Embroidery Designs

To prevent any mishaps If you want to avoid any mishaps, make some tests when you’re working on the latest model. Examine different designs and select the right fabric and the equipment which is the most efficient.

This exercise also serves as a practice area for beginners to embroider. It helps them evaluate the areas that are performing well and what’s not effectively. This helps them make the most of ideal conditions for real sew-outs and similar work in the future.

3D Puffy Logo Digitizing Level Up Your Stitch Density

For 3D puff embroidery the density of stitches is higher than that of flat designs that are normally used. When we talk about”high density,” we basically mean the satin stitches placed on the top of the flat designs.

There must be a natural stitch thickness beneath stitches. A majority of computerized embroidery machines can manage different stitch densities, which allows the user to close and tighten stitches underlay.

A higher density of stitching in the top satin stitches when compared with under stitches creates a more “3D-ish” effect for the embroidery design.

A Simple 3D Embroidery Hack For Hats

We will now provide you with a basic 3D hack to make caps. Many times you’ll see that when the 3D foam component is complete, people take it out and place it in their hands. They try to manipulate the piece after sewing it.

But, there’s an alternative method to do it. You can use that when you hang the cap, you can use an elastic band and place it over the cap. It doesn’t require a custom rubber band. A standard rubber band can perform exactly the exact same.

If your design is ready to puff, simply take and place the puff into place. You can take a small portion of the rubber band and stick it on top. You are now ready to begin the sewing. You can take off the foam access when you’re finished with the pattern.

This is the entire procedure that involves 3D puff embroidery on caps and hacks. If you encounter any difficulties it is possible to get in touch with Digitizings LTD for help.


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