A To Z Glossary on Embroidery Digitizing

A To Z Glossary on Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery Digitizing

           Here are some detail about A to Z Glossary on Embroidery Digitizing.

a to z glossary on embroidery digitizing

Detail About A to Z Glossary on Embroidery Digitizing

arrowhead stitch:
  1. Applique:

An ancient design technique that involves cuttings of specific patterns, shapes, or patterns created from fabric pieces is stitched onto another fabric to give them more dimension.

2. Arm Machine:

An arm machine functions as a machine that can automatically stitch chain stitch design patterns or tubular seams with narrow widths on heavier fabrics such as denim or jeans.

3.Arrowhead Stitch:

It is a stitch with diagonal stitching patterns with a zigzag effect. In this kind of embroidery, two straight stitches join to form the shape of an Arrowhead.

B Glossary On Embroidery Digitiizing

b glossary on embroidery digitiizing


A raised or bumpy type of stitching sits over the rows that comprise the previous crochet round to create a 3D effect.


Any non-woven or woven material is also referred to as a stabilizer. It is placed indefinitely or temporarily beneath the fabric base to be stitched to provide stability and support.

6.Basting Stitch:

Taking or basting is a term used to describe short and temporary stitches created to remove the stitches later to keep the seam until the final stitch is completed.

7.Bean Stitch:

Several stitches can be stitched back and forth in a continuous fashion between two precise penetration points to draw outlines more boldly and with more force than a basic run stitch.


Birdnesting is used to describe threads clumping into a messy knot beneath the needle plate as embroiderers. This can cause broken threads, faulty stitches, and unbalanced tension.


A small spool or reel that is wound with thread intended for machines that lockstitch. They can also be made on sewing machines or purchased pre-wound from a manufacturer.

11.Blanket Stitch:

A type of stitch is used to strengthen the edges of blankets and other thick fabrics. It is also employed to create decorative stitches for boundaries and borders.


A tough, as well as the coarse fabric used for backing, is utilized to support the soft material to keep it in place and show the embroidery design on the front.

13.Bullion Stitch:

It is a technique for decorative a to z glossary on embroidery  digitizing that involves twisting the thread repeatedly around the needle before adding it to the fabric. It gives depth to the ornament.

C Glossary On Embroidery Digitizing

c glossary on embroidery digitizing

14.Chain Stitch:

It’s an embroidery digitizing glossary technique created by a sequence of loops that look like the chain pattern created by inserting thread through the top layer of fabric.


It’s a kind of embroidery digitizing a to z glossary also referred to as loop piling. It is made using the heaviest yarns, such as acrylic or wool, to make loop stitching on the top part of the material.

16.Condensed Format:

T is a technique for conserving a digital design in its structure. Several stitches connect identified points and are calculated following the size scaling.


A permanent embroidery stabilizer provides a soft fabric to aid the embroidery digitizing process and help it appear prominent and straight.

D Glossary On Embroidery Digitizing

d glossary on embroidery digitizing


A method of embroidery digitizing a to z glossary that uses shading of color. The colors in the design fade from the darkest shade to the lightest without being separated.


A person responsible for the operation and supervision of the computer program, or the embroidery digitizing software, which digitizes the embroidery design and saves it for later use.

20.Diamond Stitch:

A crochet design was made using double and post stitch rows. The rows are placed in a way that makes diamond-shaped designs.

21.Disk Reader:

It is an external or internal device fed into the computer program of an embroidery machine that determines the pattern of needle movements and creates an intended design.

E Glossary On Embroidery Digitizing

e glossary on embroidery digitizing


It’s the process of altering the components of the design to alter the final result using an editing program for a to z glossary on embroidery digitizing that permits scaling, editing stitches, and combining them.



A technique of embellishing or embellishing an item fabric with threads following an embroidery pattern or stitching technique to create a specific design and pattern. This is referred to as embroidery.

24.Expanded Format:

Digital design format where each stitch has been set at a particular size, and the number of stitches remains constant. Designs cannot be scaled down or up without distortion.

F Glossary On Embroidery Digitizing

glossary on embroidery digitizing


Frogging is the act of needing to remove or alter the pattern of crochet or knitting because of an error during the process or to modify the design.



The unnatural movement of the fabric, both up and down the material, is similar to a flag due to a poor hooping technique, insufficient stabilization of the embroidery, and an improperly adjusted presser foot.

27.Framing Press:

The machine assists in the framing and hooping processes as it performs the embroidery. It offers back support and helps maintain your fabric’s tension.



This is a defect in the embroidery  digitizing that the fabric’s base is visible in the design due to an error that caused gaps within the stitching method.


Metal threads that have been painted gold or best  threads made of textiles with golden metal leaves woven around the threads. The threads could be copper or silver in addition to imitation gold.


The art of embroidery is made with metal threads painted with gold or leaves wrapped around textile threads attached to the fabric with an additional silk thread.



It’s a whitework embroidery made using white thread on even-weaved linen. It is based on the counted-thread method and drawing-thread technique.

32.Herringbone Stitch:

A kind of stitching used in crochet, embroidery, and knitting is based on patterns that resemble the bones that extend beyond the vertebrae of herring fish.


The equipment that is used to hold the bobbin casing in the machine is rotated twice, connecting with the top thread at a specified interval and distance to complete each stitch.


A wooden, plastic, or metal piece that holds the base fabric allows threading the outer band and the inside ring to keep the tension at a suitable level.

interlaced stitch


An Indonesian technique of weaving and dyeing in which the yarn is dyed to resist dyeing before weaving and coloring.

36.Interlaced Stitch:

A set of stitches with the second or third thread is interlaced into the foundation stitches but not passing through the fabric base.


A kind of embroidery digitizing named in honor of the time that was ruled by the reign of King James I of England consisted of intricate and elaborate flowers, leaves, vines, birds, and even animals.

38.Jumbo Rotary Hook:

A hook of a large size in the bobbin driver of lockstitch sewing machines. The hook continually rotates to catch the higher thread at the 12-clock position.

39.Jump Stitch:

The pantograph and sewing machine turn without the needle’s motion, allowing you to move between one spot and another in the stitch.



The stitch is made by connecting the needle thread and the bobbin thread. The machine loops the two threads on either side.


Loops form on the top of the pattern because of insufficient tension of the threads on top or due to skipped stitching.

42.Merrowed Edge:

A strong border is stitched across the edges of a patch design onto the fabric. It’s usually made in geometric shapes such as ovals, squares, and circles.


A type of embroidery in which tiny patterns or motifs such as logos or initials are sewn on fabric as an impression or decoration.

44.Moss Stitch:

A type of a to z glossary on embroidery digitizing is sometimes referred to as chenille or loop piling. It is created with heavy yarns that form loops on either material’s surface.


The device that forms the stitches during an embroidery process. It carries the thread across the fabric through different points employing various methods.


Nippers, referred to as thread clippers are tiny scissors with springs. They are used to clip threads with only the thumb finger and forefinger.

pantograph embroidery


A method for fixing and putting appliques in place is by moving the pantograph away from stitching in a pre-determined direction and returning to the starting point.


A portion of the machine resting on top of the table assists in moving the hoop and then carrying out the sewing process. Embroidery pattern.


The fabric that is stretched by the embroidery stitch due to inadequate tension due to insufficient support for the backing and stabilization, as well as loose stretchy fabrics and hoops.

50.Rotate Pattern:

A parameter programmed by a computerized embroidery machine turns the design in 90 degrees, either without or with mirror images of the design.


An abbreviation of Stitches Per Inch of an embroidering machine. It is calculated by measuring the number of lengths of threads in one inch of embroidery.


The abbreviation used to describe Stitches per Minute in the machine refers to its running speed or the number of stitches it can stitch in a minute.

53.Stitch Count:

The measurement of the amount of stitch included in a logo or a specific a to z glossary on embroidery digitizing pattern. The number of stitches increases as its size or design.

54.Stock Designs:

Designs for digitally digitized embroidery and ready-to-be-stitched fabrics using embroidery machines to an enormous number of customers. They are available for less than custom-designed designs.

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