Trendy commercial Embroidery Machines in 2022

Trendy commercial Embroidery Machines in 2022

trendy commercial embroidery machines in 2022

The article will present a contrast of the top 4 commercial embroidery machines suitable for commercial use will be reviewed. This is the list of embroidery machines:



Ricoma MT-1502 is a double head machine used for commercial use manufactured by Ricoma It is one of the most efficient machines that can meet all kinds of embroidery requirements.

The best part about the MT-1502 is that it can embroider small and large objects, as it’s been designed to allow for a larger sewing field, which will enable it to handle even the most challenging embroidery zones.

The MT-1502 has a vast range of hoops. It is guaranteed to embroidery on almost anything. It comes with 24 rounds. Moreover, you’ll get four caps, two cap drivers, as well as the hoops station.

The MT-1502 has a 7″ inches HD LCD screen. The MT-1502 series can keep as many as 20 million stitches. You can upload, edit and design custom letters.

Dual-head Embroidery Machines In 2022:

Whatever you’d like to embroider, be it caps bags, flats or caps or bags, you can have the job done with the Ricoma MT-1502 dual-head embroidering machine.

The dual-head machine has 15 needles with a speed of 1000 rpm. The other great feature of the machine is its automatic thread trimmer and automatic color change and breaking detection for threads.

Thus, you do not have to fret about thread trimming, replacing, or to break the thread. MT-1502 takes care of everything for you.

The most essential features in one glance:

  • Dual-head
  • 15 needles set
  • Automatic color change
  • Automatic thread trimming
  • Thread break detection
  • Set of 24 hoops
  • Four caps, caps ring two caps driver and the hoop station
  • 7″ inches touchscreen LCD
  • 20 million stitches memories (200 designs)
  • Large sewing field (500mm in x 360mm)
  • Weight 190kg
  • Universal power supply built-in 220V/50HZ as well as 110V/60H.

3) Ricoma-CHT2 1504-10.4S-W :

Ricoma is one of the top embroidery machines, and we should not underestimate its power. Ricoma has created a variety of single, dual or multi-head machines which have revolutionized the digitizing of the embroidery market.

In addition to the features in Ricoma embroidery machines, you enjoy a zero-interest financing option, instructional videos for getting started, a starter kit and a five-year warranty.

Ricoma CHT2 1504-10.4S-W is a four heads embroidery machine that provides a fantastic work experience. This machine features 15 needles that give the user a speed of 1,000SPM.

Also, you have access to an array of different kinds of hoops so that you won’t need to be concerned about being unable to find the right one. There is also the possibility of storing 50 million stitches, which equals around 200 designs.

Large embroidery Field:

The Ricoma CHT2 1504-10.4S-W you have a vast embroidery field , and that’s the reason you can embroider whatever you’d like. It has 500mm x400mm which converts to 19.7 17 inches. 17.7 inches. This means that you’ll have plenty of freedom.

Display with Touch Screen:

Ricoma CHT2 1504-10.4S-W comes with a High-Definition True-Color 10.4″ LCD Touch Screen that is bigger and more effective in the reception of colors. It allows you to navigate through a variety of options, edit, upload as well as interact with the designs you’ve created.

There are many possibilities to use on LCD panels, including start-up and needle changes frames out production statistics, progress in embroidery and much more.

The most important features in one glance:

  • 4 heads
  • 15 needles set
  • High-Definition True-Color 10.4” LCD Touch Screen
  • 500mm x 400mm embroidery area
  • 1000SPM speed
  • Weight 680kg
  • Power consumption 0.5KW
  • 50 million stitches capacity (200 designs)
  • A variety of hoops
  • two cap rings on each head. cap driver the hoop station

2) Tajima-TMAR-KC TYPE2:

Alongside other well-known sewing machines Tajima earned a decent reputation. They have produced a variety of embroidery machines that are suitable for household and industrial usage.

Type 2 of the TMAR-KC is an extremely well-known embroidery line and there are numerous models worth noting.

We have brought K1506C to our table for review, as it is among the top models that can provide decent speed. It comes with 6 heads and comes with 15 needles.

Another benefit of the Tajima K1506C’s embroidery area that is 350 x 360 which allows you plenty of space for your embroidery.

Alongside the space for work, you can also enjoy a good needle drive speed. Tajima KC type 2 offers around 1100 rpm.

470W powers K1505C.

Screen LCD with touch screen:

Additionally, Tajima gives you a bright LED option that enhances the visual view of the needle and helps in working. Tajima K1505C also has an attractive LCD touch screen that allows you to navigate through various choices.

Position Marker :

Additionally, in Tajima embroidery machines, you will receive an indicator that will show you the needle hole typically concealed by fabric; however it’s lit to aid you in your work and allows you to determine the position of the needle quickly.


With Tajima K1505C, you can also have borders frames, caps frames and pocket frames making embroidering on any piece, not a problem at all.

Features in a glance:

  • Six heads
  • 15 needles set
  • Space for embroidery is 450 x 360
  • Head interval 500
  • The maximum number of revolutions is 1100 rpm
  • Power consumption of 470W
  • Power supply 3 phase 200volts and single-phase 100/200volts
  • Included are cap frame, border frame and pocket frame
  • LED light
  • Position marker
  • Touch screen operation panel

Happy-HCR3 1506:Our final but definitely not the most expensive embroidery machine is the Happy-HCR3 1506. Another top embroidery machine that will meet the requirements of your industrial standards.

This is a highly adored and effective commercial machine capable of handling your professional projects efficiently. It is powerful in its production. It is swift and quiet, which sets it apart from other embroidery machines.

Screen LCD with touch screen:

The Happy-HCR3 1506 comes with a 10″ inches touchscreen LCD packed with features. You can access various things, including settings, settings, and browse through multiple options.

It is also possible to use the LCD screen to view designs, information about sewing design trace, and one-touch frame out. You can also control the speed, direction and nearly everything else about your embroidery.


Happy-HCR3 1506 comes with a complete tabular set that includes 12 hoops in various sizes (2 hoops with each size for each head). Additionally, you get tools and cap sewing equipment.

Speed of stitching:

In terms of performance, it gives you 1100 SPM, and, on the other hand, it provides about 1000 SPM, and the maximum needle length is 360mm. Additionally, you have a storage capacity of 40 million stitches which is adequate for industrial work.

Additional Features:

Additional options are built-in USB networking and USB ports and screen customization using the applications you use most and important sewing information.

The Happy-HCR3 1506 uses 410W of power, which is energy efficient, and it can operate at 220 Volts single phase frequency between 50 and 60 Hertz.

It weighs in at 1826lbs, and it has a 5-year warranty that guarantees the highest high-end quality of yours.

The most important features at a glance

  • Six heads
  • 15 needles set
  • 10″ inches high quality, vivid touch screen panel
  • 40 million stitches stored
  • 410Watt power consumption
  • USB networking
  • 12 hoops in various sizes: 12x12cm 12, 12 x 15cm 12 x 18, 12 32 cm (2 hoops for each head)
  • 1100spm is normal 1100spm normal
  • Cap sewing machine
  • 5-year warranty
  • Weight 1826lbs

These are the key features of the 4 top industrial embroidery machines.


Make sure that you know what you’re buying before purchasing an embroidery machine. Before you purchase it, look over each feature, pros and cons to ensure that you use it efficiently.

I hope this article was helpful for you all. 


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