Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine Full Guide & Review

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine Full Guide & Review

Brother pe 800 embroidery machine is one of the best brother machines on the market. It has a lot of features that make it ideal for embroidery and sewing projects. It comes with a lot of different needles and fabrics, so you can easily create beautiful embroideries or clothing.
brother pe800 embroidery machine full guide & review

It has automatic threading and needle adjustment, so you can get the perfect stitch every time. The Brother pe 800 also has a built-in stand, so you can easily work on your projects.

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Details About: Brother PE 800 Embroidery Machine

Are you ready to take your embroidery to the next level? With brother pe800 embroidery machine Create your own stylish embroidery designs with a 5×7 embroidery field and see them on the color touchscreen display, which uses a five-pointed, 180-degree screen. 

Choose from 138 embroidery options or use your own designs from and other sources.
The PE800 sewing machine has a built-in memory capacity of 1,000 stitches. You can add and edit fonts and design patterns during sewing with the design editing features.
You can also place them in order, rotate, enlarge, and downsize your designs. Guarantees your work by previewing your edit on the screen.
It is easy to use and thread, just follow the thread number panel mounted within your machine. Then, with the automatic needle threader, a thread is pushed through the eye of the needle.
A detailed, step-by-step tutorial appears on the LCD touch screen on the machine. Learn how to thread the machine, assemble the embroidery arm, and more as you train with the professional-grade Machine. 
Backed by a 25-year limited warranty, and free phone support for the life of the product.

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Features Details PE 800 Brother Embroidery Machine

Brother PE800 embroidery machine boasts a high-performance multi process technology with a large color LCD touchscreen, PE800 is one of the most adaptable embroidery machines on the market.
Are You Interested in Considering PE 800 Brother Is a Good Embroidery PE800 Brother is a really good embroidery machine on its own. It is flexible, friendly, and with the right features.
Today I will provide details regarding the Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine for superior embroidery, the Brother PE800 is an excellent embroidery machine. It is extremely simple to use, but additionally, it provides everything required for the embroidery machine.

3.2" Large Color Touch LCD

brother pe800 3.2" large color touch lcd​

Brother PE800 sewing and embroidery machine with a large working area and a large 3.2 inches LCD screen. You can scan and select the designs on a wide LCD touchscreen, ideal for unique endeavors that require something special.

Brother pe800 embroidery machine has very high quality Large and color touch screen. View your designs in color before stitching them out. Easily switch thread colors and preview them on the large display. 

Extensive design editing — Rotate, mirror-image, increase and decrease the size of your designs, and easily preview your modified designs on the large screen display, which lights up for easy viewing in any environment.

5" x 7" Embroidery Area Brother PE800

5" x 7" embroidery area brother pe800​
Brother PE800 has a large embroidery area. 5×7 ” embroidery area helpes embroiders to stitch out their favorite designs on their shirts and jackets.
A box that includes embroidery machine accessories comes in a Bobin and Hoop. The hoop size is 5 inches by 7 inches. Amazing embroidered patterns can be created with a 5 inch by 7 inch embroidery area and used on the large color touch screen.
One of the bigger 5×7 areas of embroidery presents substantial space for large, detailed designs that do not require a lot of rehooping.

Some users wish that the Brother PE800 5 x 7 embroidery machine had a larger embroidery workspace. 

Be aware that even though its workspace is smaller in comparison to conventional embroidery machines, you can still split embroidery patterns and make multiple sections at the same time.

PE 800 Embroidery Design Editing Feature

pe 800 embroidery design editing feature​

Brother is one of those best embroidery machine manufecturer whose providing design editing feature in their sewing and embroidery machines.If you also hold brother pe 800 embroidery machine then Use the 3.2″ Color LCD Touch Screen to combine designs as you would like to do, add monograms, rotate, flip, resize and re-color your designs

By using your embroidery machine, you can quickly and quickly develop your own designs even when you are using preset embroidery designs and specifications. You can also consider combining inspiration, technique and creativity and create something unique using embroidery.

PE800 Automatic Needle Threader:

brother pe800 embroidery needle threader
The Brother machine includes the perfect solution to the trouble a lot of people experience is finding it difficult to set up the embroidery thread manually in terms of the needle. Because the automatic needle threader will put the thread in the eye of the needle, you don’t have to worry about it.
The built-in needle threader automatically threads the needle for you with just a touch of the lever, making it the perfect resource for embroidering particular designs requiring multiple thread changes.

138 Built-in Embroidery Designs

brother pe800 138 built-in embroidery designs​
The PE800 has a built-in assortment of 138 embroidery patterns, including decorative stitching, floral, and quilt designs, that will allow you to customize your product’s appearance according to your preference. In compatible formats, you can use either the built-in ones or create your own.
And such is in contrast to the 138 styles and six handwriting fonts on the Brother PE800, the Brother PE770 has only 135 layouts and six handwriting fonts. 

In addition, there are ten frame configurations on both devices, but the Brother PE800 has 2 extra frame layouts.

Brother PE 800 Built-In Fonts:

Below are the fonts built in the machine.

  • Block 01
  • Sicilia Light Italic
  •  San Diego
  •  Serif 02
  • Brunei 
  • Kingston regular
  • Utah Bold S
  •  Serif 01
  • Los Angeles
  • Gothic 01
  • Cairo
  • Epsom 
  • Tennessee Extra Bold
  •  Brussels Demi Outline
  • Saipan
  •  Script 03
  • Serif 03
  • Alaska
  • Utah SR (.12-.16 inch) 
  • Calgary Medium Italic
  • Istanbul
  •  Block 03
  • Script 02
  • Greek Block
  • Greek Serif

PE 800 Automatic Thread Cutter

brother pe800 embroidery needle threader
You may manually cut the thread strands by pressing the trim button or using a pair of embroidery scissors. The automatic thread cutting function is provided by this machine.
This feature has a needle that is lowered automatically into the material, followed by perforation of both the top and bottom threads by pressing a button.
Setting up my brother simpler PE800 embroidery machine does not occupy too much space, since its modest size permits scanning. Brother PE800 turned out to have a top speed of 650 stitches per minute.

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine Price

Current price when we are writing review about this brother pe800 embroidery machine is $899.99, Price may change at any time so before purchase always check brother official product pricing list. 


Brother PE800 embroidery machine is user friendly and helps you chill out if you need to indulge yourself in embroidery art. Compared to other Brother machines, the price is extremely expensive and fits into a reasonable price range only if you compare other alternatives. And also if you are interested in performing many other embroidery jobs, the Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine is a first-class machine to have around.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Brother PE800

The PE800 features 138 built-in shapes including 10 frame markers and 11 built-in typefaces. Use the design editing features to automate your project.

You can rotate, mirror-image, increase the size, and decrease the size of your shapes, and see how your edited shape looks right on the color LCD display before getting stitched.
You might be surprised to learn that you can embroider a customized hat on your single needle home embroidery machine like that of the Brother PE800. However, the only certain type of hat that you can embroider on a flat bed machine is a round, unlined, or unstructured hat.
No, The Brother PE800 is embroidery-only, and cannot handle any kind of sewing like the Brother SE1900.
The PE800’s largest hoop is 5 x 7, but you can use a repositionable hoop. The maximum hoop size of 5 x 7 is one of the most popular features of the PE800 over the PE535. 

But this superior hoop size isn’t super large for embroidery. Fortunately, you can get a repositionable hoop and enlarge the area for embroidery work.
Brother PE800 embroidery machine is the optimal option for inexperienced users. The Brother PE800 embroidery machine includes distinctive options, fonts, and patterns, and it permits you to import your own designs as well. It’s quite simple to set up and appropriate, excellent, and is a workhorse for embroidery or home use.
The Brother PE800 sewing and embroidery machine features a number of layouts, add-ons, and designs that may have you collaborating in no time. The featured 5 × 7 embroidery area also helps with bigger tasks and decreasing the time you have to spend re-hooping for bigger designs.
The Brother PE800 embroidery machine requires a 75/ 11 embroidery needle. It comes with several onboard fonts and designs, as well as which gives you additional design editing tools.


All of the brother embroidery machine use PES Files 

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