Brother PE800 Review With Pros & Cons

Brother PE800 Review With Pros & Cons

We are about to discuss brother pe800 review with pros and conds. Brother PE800 embroidery machine is among the largest embroidery machines available on the market. It’s also the only one with a large LCD color screen. PE800 embroidery machine is a simple-to-use home embroidery machine.

brother pe800 review embroidery machine

Are you interested to find out whether the PE800 Brother is the ideal machine to stitch for yourself?

We believe it’s the best embroidery machine, the only one available. It’s a versatile and user-friendly machine. Today, we’ll show you the advantages of the Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine.

For expert embroidery the Brother PE800 embroidery machine is an outstanding machine for latest embroidery. It’s pretty simple to operate the machine however, it is also able to provide everything that you expect from the machine. If you are a home-based embroiderer looking for the quickest, most flexible, and disciplined embroidery machine that allows them to develop it is the perfect machine.

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Characteristics of PE800 Brother embroidery machine

Here are a few of the most important characteristics of the brother PE800 embroidery machine that need to be explored in greater depth.

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Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine Feature

big led screen

Big LED Screen:
Brother PE800’s embroidery machine features an enormous working space and features a large 3.2-inches touch screen in color. You can scan and choose the designs from a large LCD touchscreen that is suitable for ventures that require something distinctive.

The Brother PE800 program:

This Brother embroidery device gives exclusive access to the top Brother PE800 embroidery equipment and the ability to design online. You’ll need to purchase the embroidery software independently. If you do not purchase the software, you are able to purchase designs outside..


138 Built-in Embroidery Designs

138 built-in embroidery designs

The brother PE800 embroidery machine offers a variety of options for you to let your creativity shine. embroidery patterns that are built-in that include decorative stitching, floral and quilt designs. If you have a compatible format you can choose to use both of the designs built-in or design your own. The device features a sophisticated color palette you can utilize to determine what color categories are more for your personal fashion.

11 Built-in Fonts:
7 English 3 Japanese and 1 Cyrillic fonts are appropriate for silk screen printing and lettering.

Big embroidery fields:
Brother PE800 embroidery machine comes with a huge embroidery area. The box that comes with the machine. The box has Bobin needles as well as an exclusive Hoop. The hoop’s size measures 5″ by 7″. The most stunning embroidery patterns are constructed using a 5-inch by 7-inch embroidery area . It is viewable using the big touchscreen with color.

Threader for Needles that Automatically:
A lot of people have difficulty manually inserting the thread into the needle, which is why Brother has provided the most effective solution to this issue. The automatic needle threader will insert the line into the needle’s eye which means you don’t have to contemplate it.

Automatic Thread Cutter:
Although threads are cut manually using the trim button, or by using a pair of embroidery scissors, the automated thread-cutting feature comes with.

Brother PE800 embroidery machine is extremely simple to set up because of its compact dimensions. Brother PE800 is a fast stitching speed of the capacity of 650 stitching per minute.

Applique Work:
It is a great tool for applique work. is a fantastic tool in a pinch. If you don’t have any designs you can get an e-book that contains many applique designs You can also choose designs from the available designs.

The USB port on the PE800 allows you to upload designs from your designs for embroidery designs into the built-in memory of your computer.


Useful Information About Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine



The Brother PE800 embroidery machine has LED lighting to keep the user from being in danger of dimly lit areas or late night projects. Brother utilizes extremely bright LEDs surrounding the needle to let you see what you are stitching from the point where the fabric is easily moved, and also assist when working with darker fabrics, especially when the darker thread is utilized.

Affordable price:

When selecting a new gadget, price is often an important factor to consider. The good news is that Brother PE 800 can be extremely affordable for those who are on a tight budget.


They’re backed by an extended warranty of 25 years, and also a complimentary phone support for the life of the product.


It’s perfect for all embroidery needs.

The main benefit of visualizing the design before it is the display in color.

An LED light built into the unit can be found that will illuminate the work space.


For single-color and multi-color designs, it will take exactly the same time.

Because the machine is tiny in terms of size, when it is continuously operating, it has an opportunity to get hot.

It’s an embroidery machine only.

Maintenance can be expensive.


Brother PE800 is extremely user-friendly, and assists users to relax when you are working with embroidery. When compared to other Brother machines, it’s costly, but it is within an acceptable price range when you are looking at alternatives. If you’re not an experienced embroiderer then the Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine is a great machine.

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