5 Best Automatic Screen Printing Machines Overview

5 Best Automatic Screen Printing Machines Overview With Pros & Cons

Screen printing will need loads of effort and might be challenging; but, if you’re acting on a medium or massive scale printing and can’t afford a manual writing at your top. These machines will be helpful for you as they’re at low costs and may do additional tasks.

So if you’re in search of best automatic screen printing machines that job mechanically. I will give you a listing of the highest 5 unique automatic screen printing machines. These machines are designed in such the way that they’ll handle bulk work and a high range of orders in a very short time. These machines will do difficult printings and might provide quick outputs.

5 best screen printing machines

1. M&R Stryker Automatic Oval Screen Printing Press:

Why M & R Stryker Is Most Popular In Automatic Screen Printing Machines?

This automatic screen printing machine comes in oval format, and it’s the specification that the oval form will take less area on the ground and build this machine additional efficiently than others. It’s a top quality and really swish engine during which the servo drive skilled worker offers quick and additional correct printing. it’s offered in 3 format sizes that are 16, 28, or 52 relating to your printing selection. you’ll be able to use this machine with no restrictions.

As each station of the machine will print thus, you’ll be able to leave the station receptive not print. It’s a high speed, swish working, and proper quantity printer.


m & r stryker automatic oval screen printing press:

STRYKER can cover digital image areas of 60 x 84 cm, 70 x 100 of, and 80 x 110 cm

(31.5″ x 43.5″) respectively. The STRYKER’s 10-station format module can be incremented to 6 stations that can create 16, 22, 28, 34, 40, 46, and 52 station configurations. Its high- lift format can simplify loading and unloading of the screen, cleaning of pieces, and inspection. It can also afford multiple index configuration, and its laser-based system gives speed palate, positioning, and change over the facility. It can stack up to 48 colors at a time


It is soft, fast-moving, reliable, and available in all sizes. The most heart touching property of every person is that it’s a very affordable machine.

Its oval shape is unique, and it occupies less space than others; hence it’s more efficient than others. This unique screen printing machine is number one from our top 5 automatic screen printing machines comparison.

Cons of M & R Stryker Screen Printing Machine

Try to take a rest after every 4 hours to avoid the heating impact. It provides a 2-year warranty that is absolutely considerably less for a printout machine.


2. workhorse- the sabre series:

We put this screen printing machine on second number in our top five automatic screen printing machines overview. Workhorse Sabre series computerized screen printer is suitable for any mid-size to the high-extent video display printing business.

The 14 ft. rotating screen printing device comes with 1-9 print rap practicality all contrived with a one-touch display panel.


You get actual-time production statistics, computerized Index foot pedal, 6-factor Registration device, the head and Rear micro Registration, foot pedal head, and lots additional.


It comes up with an automatic foot pedal index, microprocessor, dual durometer, fully rotating box control, and missed platen feature. It works on 220 volts of voltage, 16 amp of current, and 50 – 60 HZ frequency. It’s far from 12 shade and 14 stations, touch screen printing devices with a print area of 20 x 20 inches. The eight stations, electronic display printing devices each having dimensions of 16 x 22 inches.

PROS Of Workhorse Automatic Screen Printing Machine:
  • It has a foot pedal management index system that makes it additional reliable to use.
  • The adjustable screen holders are the simplest quality of this machine series.
  • It can stack up to more than 16 colors at a time.
It occupies a bigger area than different automatic machines and has some lagging faults in it.

3. Brown Electra-Print Automatic Textile Printer:​

3. brown electra-print automatic textile printer:

Less consumption of electricity is the cause that creates these machines to run quick, simple and provides fewer expenses to the system.
The risk of airlines reduces, and valve contaminations additionally decrease. This machine is simple to handle and provides a lot of printing consistency. It’s an ideal automatic machine that does not solely auto start, however once more auto close up. it’s a print mode on each {side|all sides|both sides|either side} and additionally has flash ports on each side. If some slot is missing, then it’s a T-shirt skip detector and may additionally count shirts.


It works on 240 V electrical power and 20 A current and some models also work on 120 V and 20 A of current. It has a high-speed motor, and a pod mounting system with speakers. The screen size is 23×31 cm, and the platen size is 16×24 cm.

This machine has ten stations and has six colors. Its weight is 2600.00 lbs.


  • It has a multitasking property that’s the simplest quality any automatic machine will have.
  • The speed is amazing, and everyone we would like to try and do is save time and do loads of work in less time.
  • It desires considerably less maintenance and consumes terribly less electricity.


The structure is cumbersome and created of steel thus desires some healthy place for it. The machine is additionally quite noisy , and that’s additionally non-adjustable



morphon heat press machine:

The Mophorn heat press machine is largely five in one device that may print five T-shirts at one station, and it will transfer a colorful style on T-shirts and additionally on several surfaces like ceramic plates, mugs, flaxes, nylon, and tiles, etc. it’s a multi-spring balancer that basically works well for several shirts at a time. 



It has a 12 x 15-inch heat press machine, and it can control temperature unto
0-400F. It is made as a swing-away design and has a removable silicone pad included. The time control shift is 0-999 seconds. As this screen printing machine has also some unique features, we placed it on number 4 in our best 5 automatic screen printing machines review with pros and conds.

It has a multifunction design 5 in 1, comfortable handle, and 360 swings design.
It has a detachable low platform and 4/5 inch of thick board for heating.
It has low-grade power coordinates and gives poor customer service

5.Power Press Heat Machine:

power press heat machine:

This Screen Printing Machine Also Has Some Premium Features And That’s Why It’s Getting Position On Number 5 In Five Latest Automatic Screen Printing Machines. The power press machine is a shared area capturing device that works well for printing functions. It works well with transferring heat to a system that’s pro-quality. The warmth giving property additionally provides your print out a lot of durable and is a lot of economical work.



It works on voltage 110 V and 1800 watt power. Its temperature ranges from 0-750F and the time scopes vary to 0-999 seconds. It takes 10 – 15 times to heat up, and the printing area is 15 x15.
It is easy to use and have a better and efficient temperature and heat range.
Comes up with high versatility and electronically controlled.
It is reliable and affordable.
Rear availability of the press machine and it starts to smell at few uses. Temperature range can be managed better.

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